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Carla Zurcher, Switzerland / Zimbabwe

Heal farm is heal farm, there is no other way to describe it, it just needs to be experienced. The ideology promoted here by Adnan and Priyanka, is a concept of going back to basics, a simple reminder that we don’t really need much to live a happy and fulfilling life.

The farm does not promote monetary transactions and people come and live on the farm for free, while helping out with the simple, day to day activities around the space.

The jungle around the farm is spectacular for walks, on our last walk Priyanka, Adnan, Anant and I encounter a leopard sunbathing not even 30 mtrs away from us!!

There are plenty of different type of music instruments lying around to play with and nurture your creative side. If you want Adnan could help you with a few mediation practices, rock climbing, kayaking, tight rope walking, etc!

There are no fixed timings or regiments, people are free to be themselves and do what they please while being in the middle
of a thick pine forest overlooking the Sattal lake!

The farm has 3 living spaces, a dining and kitchen area, music/ meditation room and a Workshop. All the buildings are constructed with local materials in a sustainable manner.

There is a small corner that has been created called the ‘Gift – A – Wish’ where you can access the internet and water the farm with whatever it is that you want to leave behind or bring in with you for the farm.

The farm does not permit alcohol, smoking cigarettes or drugs of any kind! (You can carry your meds though)

The perfect place to get away from it all and try and find yourself if you’re feeling down and out! It will just reinvigorate anyone… Like it did for me!

Thank you Priyanka and Adnan, you guys know I am going to keep coming back to this wonderful space you have created with so much love and affection for nature as well as us human beings! A beautiful example of sustainable living! ❤️

Lots of love, laughs and good health!
God bless you guys!

Aagnay Budhraja, India


“HEAL farm is a very special place, designed by Adi and Priyanka to be a haven in which people can live more closely to nature and experience it with others, while helping to build it if desired. Whether you are a meditator, a yogi, a permaculturalist or an artist, all of the above or none but open minded and willing to let go of some of the comfort layers of modern living, you will find that this space can be yours too. Sleeping in the hut equipped with a pentagon window letting you see the moon and stars, bathing in the bamboo spiral space with water heated using the hamam stove, and using the dry composting ‘loo with a view’, raises one’s awareness of our basic needs by slowing down to process. Cooking together outside by way of a rocket stove (this is before the kitchen and living space is completed) was a bonding experience, a reminder of how important dinner time by the fire was for our late ancestors. The farm is surrounded by forest on both sides, which offer a great range of hiking possibilities (to the small waterfall, lake or climbable boulder) and it’s location on the crest of the hill provides superb views both east and west. Above all, Adi and Priyanka and absolutely amazing people, very caring, peaceful, mindful and helpful. All the activities we did around the farm (harvesting chia seeds, sowing mustard and green chilli seeds, building a stone and mud irrigation canal for the vegetable patch) were performed together, which were great experiences. They did everything they could to make me experience the space as they envision it to me, in the most comfortable way. I will definitely be back!”

Tristan Bobcoul, Canada