What is sound therapy, sound healing?

An immersive experience, which helps our body and mind transition into a state of deep relaxation. The state of self repair and healing is entered once the mind and body let go of active control.


The application of sounds, using a variety of instruments, is initiated with an intent of healing and providing positive energy by the practitioner and directed towards the receiver who can be asked, to be passively or actively involved based upon the current modality being shared.

Your lodging!

Old world hospitality and charm welcomes you in the healers family home where you will receive a private space to rejuvenate in luxury with full access to the common areas within our home and the farm.

The food!

We try to bring to the table local, seasonal and as far as possible natural foods to the table while offering the luxury of being a little more relaxed with certain rules and regulations that may not be so at the farm.

The view!

Situated on a ridge facing east flanked by the farm on the north, forest on the south and a village on the west it overlooks the sattal lake and forest area which is home to many species of plants, animals and birds.


The retreat is selectively offered to only singles or couples (a maximum of one of either at any one given point in time) to maintain authenticity and maximum impact.

Pricing and a view of what is in store for you!

This “not just any other BnB or Homestay” offers full board along with sound and energy healing sessions with an opportunity to learn movement and healing practices.

Choose to work form the hills
Immerse in a digital, mental and physical detox

Expect a curated healing experience tailored to de-stress and reset your being while staying with Adi and Priyanka in their family home which exudes old world hospitality and charm.

An exclusive single or couple sound healing retreat costs INR 20000 and INR 26500 per night respectively (minimum two nights) which covers all movement/healing sessions, full board, taxes etc. including lodging and meals for the help or driver that may accompany you or a pickup/drop to the Pant nagar airport or Kathgodam train station.

For bookings, contact us at farmheal@gmail.com stating ‘retreat’ in the subject line.

We do not appreciate any form of substance abuse during your retreat at the farm.